Mae! Eu ja li a Biblia toda varias vezes. E a conclusao que cheguei e que a missao de todos nos, aqui na terra, e amarmos uns aos outros!
Desceu a terra em 10/09/85 e Subiu ao ceu em 20/08/07

quinta-feira, 12 de junho de 2008

Joshua Brian Plummer (in memorian)


Palavras da familia de Joshua

Sweet Josh, how hard it is to be without you.
How hard it is to want with all our hearts to hold you.
How hard it is to wake up every day and know
we won't hear your sweet "Good Morning" and "I love you's".
How hard it is to go to bed at night and know
we must do it without tucking you in or kissing you goodnight.
How hard it is to face each new day and know
physically you can't be apart of it.
How hard it is to listen to the silence that once held your laugh.
But Oh, how Wonderful to know we will see you again.
How Wonderful to know that because of a truly loving God,
we will be able to share hugs and kisses again.
How wonderful to know that through no effort of our own,
we only have to accept the gift that will have us together forever.
How wonderful to know that because Jesus shed his blood
to pay for our sins we can look forward to an Everlasting life,
even more precious than the time we hold dear in our memories.
How wonderful to know that we will again
hear your laugh and see your smile.
How wonderful to know that the day we had to kiss you good-bye
was the day that Jesus held you in His arms.
Death is not the end, Sweet Josh. It is only the
beginning. So when we pray and ask Jesus to give
you hugs and kisses from us,
we also thank Him for the price He paid
so that we could still have Tomorrow!
We love you, Sweetie. And as soon as the Lord
calls, we will hold you again. Only then it will be